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L E O  S T E E N  R E T U R N S !  //  01 . 13 . 22  @6 : 0 0 P M

Happy Holidays!


We couldn't be more thrilled to welcome back our friend, Leo Hansen, storyteller extraordinaire and crafter of superlative Sonoma wines. Leo appeared at Midway Mercantile back in March of '21, accompanied by our great friend Maggie Heile. Leo returned the hospitality, hosting us at his winery for a vintner luncheon this past September. Needless to say, MM loves Leo and Maggie, and we will always be honored to host them both. However biased we may be, you have our assurance that this is not an event to be missed!


We will enjoy two versions of Leo's trademark Chenin Blanc, along with his Chardonnay, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon. With guests and wines like these, not to mention another stellar menu by Chef John, this is certain to be another fantastic night to remember. Please follow the RSVP link below, to reserve your seats now. Space is limited. We will see you there! 





We have A LOT in store for 2022, including the annual "Red, White and Snow" charity event in early March. More exciting info will be revealed soon! Stay close, friends.


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